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Bass angling is the most popular choice among the over 46 million license-carrying men and women who fish in the United States - and that's a big deal. To put that into perspective, angling accounts for nearly $48 billion in retail sales each year and the overall annual economic impact of fishing is $115 billion. $1.3 billion of those dollars go towards environmental protection and sustainability. Anglers spend 554 million days on the water annually. Most of us can think of a long list of people we know smitten by the angling bug.

The popularity of bass fishing is steadily growing thanks to continued shifts towards reality-based, hands-on content. Media outlets ESPN2, NBC Sports, Outdoor Channel, Sportsman's Channel, World Fishing Network and others deliver hundreds of hours in weekly programming. Fishing fans follow and interact with the sport and its players daily on popular industry news sites and on social media platforms. Like us, anglers are good people who fish and that's interesting to folks. Remember - Good People. Fish.

The top professionals in the sport have their own brands. The millions of fans, themselves able to participate in this experiential sport are extremely brand loyal. Four out of five fishing fans say they buy products and support brands that support competitive fishing. They want to see their heroes compete and do well and in this day and age know corporate involvement is vital to their careers.
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